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If you want to use the full ixGyro functionality and get a reliable attitude indication you need a device that is based on Android 2.2 (or later) and that is equipped with the following sensors:

  • Gyroscope
  • Accelerometer
  • GPS
  • Magnetic compass

It doesn't matter if the device is a smartphone or a tablet. The Google Nexus S, the Samsung Galaxy S2, the Samsung Galaxy Tab, the Galaxy Nexus or the HTC Evo 3D are examples of devices that meet these requirements.

Even if your device is not equipped with a gyroscope and a GPS receiver ixGyro still works. However, in this case the attitude indicator (artificial horizon) might not be reliable and you won't get speed and height information.

Getting started

First move to a place where the GPS satellites are visible and activate the GPS receiver of your device in the corresponding Android settings dialog. Mount the device to a place where the display is clearly visible (in portrait mode) and fix it to avoid slipping.

When you start the app a screen with the glass cockpit appears (see screenshot below) after you have confirmed the disclaimer dialog. If your device is missing a gyroscope or if the GPS receiver is deactivated corresponding alert dialogs must be confirmed as well. If GPS is deactivated the corresponding symbol in the upper right corner of the screen will appear red, otherwise green.

The instruments of the glass cockpit are described below.


To calibrate the neutral position of pitch, roll and the slip indicator simply long press the touchscreen. This will set the pitch, roll and slip angles to zero. Alternativly, you can also calibrate ixGyro by selecting the corresponding option in the menu.

You can recalibrate ixGyro any time and as frequently as you want. Make sure that the device is in rest or at least in a non-accelerated state when you calibrate it.

Important note: Besides the manual calibration of the neutral position ixGyro is continously performing a kind of autocalibration to determine the optimum parameters for drift compensation. Immediately after starting ixGyro these parameters can be inaccurate, leading to a temporary offset of the attitude indicator (pitch/roll). This is normal and should be compensated for automatically after a few minutes.