Mobile Applications

Using mobile application means another step towards efficiency. Accessing and using business applications in real-time and location-independently, the employees work more productively. These efforts result in a higher customer satisfaction. Thus your company gains a major competitive advantage on the market. Pursue this path and leave your competitors behind with the aid of our apps.

Yet, we do not only support you in using your IT most flexibly and timely in your professional, but also in your daily life. We develop applications for smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices.

Our apps for your mobile devices

Filing counter readings automatically, reading codes on the go or having a handy companion up in the air – creative solutions for everyone who does not stand still, but rather moves with the time.

Remain on track – thanks to our glass cockpit app ixGyro, that reliably indicates the real flight attitude to pilots of small aircrafts. Capture codes or counter readings with the smartphone and access the filed results through the history later on. The software and applications can be adapted to your specific requirements optimally.

Learn more about our tools:

ixMAT_icon ixMAT - scanning codes with your mobile device

ixGyro_icon ixGyro - the award-winning Glass Cockpit App for your mobile device

ixMeter iconixMeter - reading meters automatically