Medicine & Research

Signal recording and data analysis

Data – the core of any research. Acquire and analyse this valuable information by using our software tools.

Specifically designed for Philips patient monitors, our application ixTrend records medical signals, visualizes them and makes them available for export. Importing this data or any other signals, Dataplore enables their extensive analysis.

Thus, our software applications facilitate handling huge amounts of data, thus buy you more time to focus on your undertaking. Base your project upon reliable data and lead it to success.

Comprehensive knowhow in medical telematics

Having guided hospitals, university clinics and research institutions all over the world, our team has enhanced its expert knowledge on several occasions. We profit from this knowhow when designing eHealth solutions and data acquisition tools.

ixellence is certified for the development, manufacturing and distribution of medical software ( DS/EN ISO 13485, DIN EN ISO 9001).

The optimal tool for your project

Different modules and versions provide the basis to compose your solution. Customizing our software means paying particular attention to your plans and requirements. In the course of this, we will support you from choosing to eventually installing the tools and will obviously assist you during the operation of the system if any question or difficulty occurs.

Innovative ideas require individual solutions – turn to us if you need any special feature that is tailored to your project.

Learn more about our tools:

ixTrend_icon  ixTrend - Record data from Philips patient monitors

dataplore_icon1  Dataplore- Data analysis tool