Image processing in logistics and measuring systems

Combining our expert knowledge of image processing and mobile applications, we provide you with the means for promoting efficient processes in your company.

Precise 3D measuring with ix3D

Our measurement system ix3D determines exact results within seconds. Equipped with optical technology, it measures a wide range of objects – from small format to oversize, of any shape.

Planning the installation and realizing it in minute detail on site, we enable you to tap the full potential of ix3D. By individually configuring the machine interfaces, ix3D can be easily integrated into your already existent system. Thus it can be customized according to your wishes. Are you in need of a fast and precise measuring tool? You have found it.

Identifying objects on the go

Introduce our apps to your employees and you won’t just enhance their mobility, but also the efficiency of the operations flow. By using our app ixMAT, you can scan and interpret codes with any device that comes with a camera. A smart tool for identifying objects fast and easily.

The field of image processing

Modern camera sensors and computer technology enable machine vision as well as intelligent image processing. Challenges of machine vision are e.g. recognizing objects, measuring geometrical object structures and motion. Hence, machines are able to count, measure and inspect objects by applying image processing methods.

In general, image processing methods aim at automating some aspects of visual human intelligence. Thus, image processing methods come in handy for compensating the insufficiencies of the human eye. As an effective and efficient method for automated optical inspection, image processing is employed in various fields of application such as medical or industrial manufacturing engineering, but also in areas like safety monitoring. Working precisely, fast and reliably, image processing serves as an excellent instrument for various applications.

We develop our image processing solutions in close cooperation with our customers. In doing so, we pay notable attention to the specific requirements of the individual project. If you are looking for a custom-made solution for your company, please get in touch with our team!

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