Prices for software and accessories

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ixTrend Expressone-yeartime-unlimited
for each monitor (incl. dongle and Quickmarker) 999.00 EUR 2,997.00 EUR
ixTrend Professionalone-yeartime-unlimited
for each monitor - 2,500.00 EUR
for each client - 1,500.00 EUR
Modules for ixTrend (per monitor)one-yeartime-unlimited
Storage in SQL database 300.00 EUR 900.00 EUR
Trigger function 100.00 EUR 300.00 EUR
 ixTrend SAPS II On demand 
IntelliVue Connector Cable RJ45USB, 1,5 m - 60.00 EUR
IntelliVue Connector Cable for RS232, 1,5 m - 40.00 EUR
USB-Serial Adapter - 20.00 EUR
Serial Device Server - 150.00 EUR
Dataplore 2.2 Special Release Offer incl. Toolboxes 999.00 EUR 2,997.00 EUR
Dataplore Standard Program 695.00 EUR 2,085.00 EUR
Dataplore Toolbox: Spectra/ Filters 222.00 EUR 666.00 EUR
Dataplore Toolbox: Statistics 222.00 EUR 666.00 EUR
Dataplore Toolbox: Nonlinear Dynamics 222.00 EUR 666.00 EUR
Dataplore Toolbox: Patient Monitoring Interface 222.00 EUR 666.00 EUR
ix3D On demand
ixMeter On demand
ixMAT On demand
Only available at Google Play Store   69.00 EUR


All the stated prices do not include VAT.

Payments can be made by bank transfer, bank cheque or PayPal.

As of 24th November 2016