ixTrend – recording medical signals from patient monitors


ixTrend Professional: distributed acquisition and management of medical data 

ixTrend Professional records, visualizes, stores and exports signals from patient monitors. This data proves to be valuable for many purposes such as long-term studies, clinical research or patient documentation. Covering several monitors or even whole stations, the network edition of ixTrend distributes its functionality among the ixTrend Netserver(s) and the ixTrend client(s).

The acquisition and storage of the signals take place on the ixTrend Netserver, whereas the ixTrend client serves for visualizing, managing and exporting the data. While the recordings are running, you and your colleagues can concurrently keep track of current as well as past sessions in any ixTrend client. In fact, you can remotely operate the signal acquisition from anywhere within the network.

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Handling large-scale setups effectively

Using ixTrend Professional, you do not only profit from all the advantages of ixTrend Express - the compact edition of ixTrend - but also enjoy additional features:

  • Only Professional allows a connection to more than 8 monitors simultaneously.
  • Operating the application remotely, you don’t have to be near the monitors in order to collect and view the signals. Access ixTrend from any computer within the network – either through an ixTrend client or by accessing the web interface of the Netserver through any browser.
  • The acquisition and storage of the data take place on the netserver, separated from the visualisation, operation and export. That facilitates shared access and distributed collaboration with your colleagues.
  • Only the Professional edition exclusively provides the Batch function that supports the automatic recording of scheduled sessions.
  • In combination with the additional MSSQL module, you have an efficient system on hand that records and maintains a large bulk of data.

The main functions at a glance:

  • Connecting patient monitors to ixTrend server(s) and client(s) within the local network
  • Recording high-resolution medical data to the ixTrend Netserver
  • Visualizing the signals in various views with the ixTrend client
  • Storage of the data in a local database or a dedicated MSSQL database, accessible through LAN
  • Export to different file formats (CSV, Dataplore)

Other highlights:

Creating a session profile on the Netserver web interface

  • Batch function: automatic recording of scheduled sessions
  • Setting markers within a running session
  • Convenient management of the patients' master data
  • Retrospective patient monitoring through the patient history
  • Concurrently monitoring, viewing and managing the data and sessions of different patients
  • Configuration and reuse of storage and diagram profiles

Additional features:

  • Quickmarker: setting predefined markers with hotkeys
  • Automatically detecting linked monitors
  • Numeric view: showing numeric signals in a proper area
  • Splitting multiple signals up in separated diagrams
  • Documentation of monitor alerts
  • Drag & Drop functionality
  • Configuration of function keys
  • Print function

Download and further details on ixTrend Professional:

  •    Download the demo version of ixTrend and give it a try! (The demo version refers to the ixTrend Express edition, yet it provides a comprehensive impression of the application.)
  •    Pricing: Get an overview of the prices for the software, its modules and accessories.
  •  Briefing: answering the essential questions about ixTrend
  •  Quick Start Guide: getting started with ixTrend
  •  ixTrend Support: detailed directions for use and additional material

ixTrend supports Philips IntelliVue patient monitors and Avalon fetal monitors as from version 2.1. In addition, ixTrend can be used with patient monitors from various other manufacturers via the HL7 interface. If you want to find out if ixTrend can be used with your patient monitors, feel free to download the free trial version and test the functionality.

This application is the successor of TrendFace 1.2.

Hints and recommendations

Are you looking for a more compact solution? Read up about ixTrend Express, the handy software tool that combines the collection, storage, visualization as well as the management of medical data in one desktop application.

Although the LAN ports of the patient monitors have already been occupied (e.g. by the Philips Central Station), patient monitors can still be made available to the local network. How? Contact us and we will develop an alternative setup!

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If you are interested in applying ixTrend Professional, contact us! We gladly answer your questions and recommend a convenient setup for your project.