ixTrend Modules

Enhance ixTrend's functionality by implementing one or more of the following modules:


New: SAPS II computation

Coming, ixTrend automatically derives SAPS II points from previously-recorded data from the patient monitor. Using ixTrend, one must first capture the vital parameters "Systolic blood pressure", "Heart rate" and "Body temperature" within the same recording session. Then, only a few clicks suffice to compute the score points according to the SAPS II criteria. The Simplified Acute Physiology Score (SAPS) serves as an index for the physiological state of a patient.

ixTrend SAPS II is available for ixTrend Express - or check out the SAPS II secific solution ixTrend SAPS II.

New: HL7 interface

There is even more: soon, ixTrend also supports the HL7 standard in addition to the IntelliVue protocol. This extension enables ixTrend to potentially communicate with any device that offers an HL7 interface. Since medical technology often implements such an interface as well, ixTrend could prospectively be connected to devices of various manufacturers.

The HL7 interface is available for ixTrend Express.

Quickmarker: setting predefined markers

This function facilitates setting markers into a current recording session. Having predefined a marker and assigned it to a hotkey (F1, F2 etc.), you can quickly add this marker to the recording at the touch of a button - again and again in all the recording sessions to come.

Available for ixTrend Express and Professional. Each ixTrend license includes the Quickmarker function by default.

SQL: manage data efficiently

In combination with the SQL extension, ixTrend stores the data into an external dedicated database. This setup enables efficient and machine driven access to the data. We provide database documentation and source code examples for querying the data.

Available for ixTrend Express and Professional.

Trigger: setting markers automatically

The trigger function causes markers to be set by external events (network events). Having specified the event and which marker(s) shall be assigned to it, you can focus on your project and let ixTrend automatically process this event as configured.

Available for ixTrend Professional.


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