ixTrend – recording medical signals from patient monitors

ixTrend is our software for processing medical data from patient monitors. You choose the signals you want to record, ixTrend helps you to record, visualize, store and export the data you need. The application handles medical data such as heart rate or blood pressure and primary signals like ECG. ixTrend is already used by hundreds of researchers and other medical staff. Researchers and medical instutions around the world successfully use ixTrend.

ixTrend SAPS II  

Based on the standard ixTrend functionality, ixTrend now also automatically derives SAPS II points from previously-recorded data. The process is simple and straightforward:
  • First, you need to capture the vital parameters "Systolic blood pressure", "Heart rate" and "Body temperature" within the same recording session.
  • Then, with a few simple clicks, you can compute the score points according to the SAPS II criteria. 
SAPS II plays a vital role in medical decision making. The Simplified Acute Physiology Score (SAPS) serves as an index for the physiological state of a patient. In many medical institutions the estimation of SAPS II scores is part of the daily routine.
Estimating SAPS II values can be time consuming and error-prone. Not any more: ixTrend can derive SAPS II points from previously-recorded data with just a few clicks on the computer. With ixTrend SAPS II computing the SAPS II values is a matter of seconds. The computation is based on the medical data from the patient monitors and can be accessed by simply pressing a button without any special or technical knowledge.
If you want to learn more about ixTrend, ixTrend SAPS II and other of its latest features, please read up about it here.

ixTrend SAPSII

ixTrend SAPS II is part of the ixTrend functionality. You can compute SAPS II values with any of the ixTrend licenses. However, if you are only interested in computing the SAPS II values and don't need the other functionality of ixTrend, or if you need SAPS II computation for multiple monitors, beds or even full wards with multiple beds, please contact us and we will make you an individual offer for ixTrend SAPS II:

ixTrend Express connectionixTrend SAPSII - Computing SAPS II based on medical data from patient monitors 

    • Get exact SAPS II values in a matter of seconds - no special skills needed
  • Avoid lengthy time-consuming and error-prone estimates of SAPS II


ixTrend Express connection

ixTrend Express - the compact desktop application

  • Linking ixTrend directly to the monitor
  • Performing all the functions on one workstation


Please contact us if you have any questions - we would be happy if we can help you.