ixTrend – recording medical signals from Philips patient monitors

ixTrend records, visualizes, stores and exports high-resolution medical data from Philips patient monitors. Just choose the signals you want to record - ixTrend will do the rest. The application grabs vital signs such as heart rate or blood pressure and primary signals like ECG. Meanwhile, you can visualize and manage current as well as past recording sessions directly in ixTrend. Finally, you can export the data into various file formats. 

Acquire, visualize, store and export high-resolution medical data with ixTrend

Profiting from our expert knowledge in interface-based programming and data acquisition, we designed ixTrend, the handy eHealth application that facilitates live and retrospective patient monitoring on the PC. Whether patient documentation, clinical studies or research purposes: enhance your work by employing ixTrend.

New features: SAPS II computation & HL7 interface

Coming, ixTrend can automatically derive SAPS II points from previously-recorded data. But there is even more: in addition to the IntelliVue protocol, ixTrend soon supports the HL7 standard that is widely used for medical technology. 
If you want to learn more about ixTrend and its latest features, please read up about it here.

ixTrend Express vs. ixTrend Professional

ixTrend is available in two versions:

ixTrend Express connection

ixTrend Express - the compact desktop application

  • Linking ixTrend directly to the monitor
  • Performing all the functions on one workstation


ixTrend Professional connection

ixTrend Professional - the network edition of ixTrend

  • Covering large-scale setups including several monitors and clients
  • Distributing the functions among ixTrend Netservers and ixTrend Clients


Compare the functions that the two different versions include, read up about Express or Professional in detail - and find out which version fits your purpose best! Please contact us if you have any questions - we'll gladly assist you.