ixMAT – the mobile code scanner

Transform your mobile device into a universal scanner! Using the integrated camera, our app ixMAT easily reads barcodes or 2D codes and interprets them promptly. Afterwards, you can share the thereby created text files with your friends or colleagues.

Your smartphone as a universal tool

Combined with individually tailored solutions, ixMAT creates added value for your business procedures. Depending on the case of usage, ixMAT may be integrated in a user specific application as a modular component. Facilitate accounting for your employees, inventory and manage your holdings more efficiently, succeed in the fields of E-Commerce or track products, material and charges  – without requiring any additional hardware.

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The core functions at a glance:

  • Reading 2D codes and barcodes
  • Decoding the input
  • Creating text files and saving them in the history
  • Sharing the history in the CSV format
  • Integrable in user specific mobile applications

Supported codes:

  • Code 39
  • Code 128
  • EAN 8
  • EAN 13
  • Datamatrix
  • QR Code

Data matrix and the QR code are 2D-Codes. The 2D-Code contains more useful information than a barcode. So, up to 3116 signs can be used for encoding information about product tracking, addresses, special product information, like nutritive values, or projects.

System requirements:

  • Mobile device providing camera function
  • Supported platforms: Android, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, JavaME (J2ME)

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Download and further information:

   Download ixMAT at the Google Play Store and test it straight away!

Product information: more details and examples of application

Do not read only codes, but also counter readings automatically - with our new app ixMeter!

If you are interested in applying ixMAT within your business processes, please contact us!