ix3D - exact 3D measurements in an instant

Two seconds. That’s how long it takes the optical measurement system ix3D to determine the dimensions as well as the distance of an object. In an instant, ix3D does not only compute the maximum length, width and height, but also up to 300.000 three-dimensional measurement points. Due to this point cloud, ix3D works precisely, regardless of irregular shapes or complex surface structures. Beyond that, it also recognizes small details when capturing distances. That’s why ix3D excels other conventional methods.

ix3D 2.0 System consisting of two measuring heads and a process computer

Measuring taken on a new dimension

The new ix3D 2.0 measuring heads do not only come up with a slimmer design, but also convince due to their advanced performance. Twice as precise and twice as quick as its predecessor, ix3D 2.0 sets new standards. Measuring with two gauge heads combined takes less than 2 seconds. Be it small or large objects, deviations yet remain below 2 centimetres. Depending on the installation height, the system even achieves an accuracy within the millimetre range.

Highly user-friendly and customizable

Screenshot small

The captured point cloud is transmitted to a high-performance industrial computer that processes the data. Accessing the web interface via any browser, you can manage and view the data in several figures. The machine interface facilitates the data exchange as well as the individual configuration of the system. Thereby, ix3D contributes to the automation of your business processes.

No matter what the size, form or surface structure – the combination of several gauge heads allows measuring various kinds of objects. That way, the system can be customized to a great extent – also for your purpose.

The highlights at a glance:

  • Optical 3D measuring: width, depth, length + 300 000 measuring points
  • Quick: less than 2 seconds with two measuring heads
  • Precise: less than 2 cm deviation
  • Smart: high-performance computer for processing the data
  • Hard-wearing: no mechanical components, robust IP65-casing
  • User-friendly: intuitive user interface in the web browser

Other features:

  • Data exchange via USB 3.0 and REST interface
  • Built-in infrared light
  • Remote maintenance for the software components
  • Visualization of the data as a camera photo, 3D image, schematic illustration, depth picture and the plain metered values
  • Configuring the machine interface for the optimal integration of ix3D
  • Combining two or more measuring heads, or even process computers, for measuring large volumes

Various fields of application

  • Precise and quick cargo measurement – static or mobile
  • Measuring packages and small parts, e.g. for the acquisition of master data
  • Length and distance measurements, e.g. of vehicles
  • 3D tracking of objects and people
  • Reliable object detection by the use of depth information
  • 3D quality control in production
  • Scanning and visualization of complex three-dimensional objects

Measuring small objects with ix3D

Special ix3D setup for measuring small objects

Don’t spend a second thought on triggering metering anymore, but rather advance the workflow in your company! The special version of ix3D automatically measures small items - once an object has been placed beneath the gauging heads, the integrated display shows the metered values in real-time. Yet, it is still possible to initiate and read measurements through the web interface and the REST API, if required.

The special setup joins all the advantages of ix3D and adds some more: Ready-to-use in an instant, the preconfigured system measures small objects of 15 mm to 40 cm height and a base of maximum 120 x 70 cm2. The setup consists of two gauge heads, an integrated display and a process computer, all of them mounted on a robust frame. 


Don’t waste your time and money on manual or laborious measuring – let ix3D focus on the meters, whereas you keep track of your business processes. Get in touch with our team via the contact formular in order to learn more about ix3D or for requesting an outline for your individual set up.


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