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ixTrend Express ixTrend Express records high-resolution medical data (e.g. ECG) from Philips patient monitors. Its range of functions covers the acquisition, visualization, storage and export of medical signals. All the functions are joined in one application. Normally, an ixTrend Express client is linked to only one or just a few monitors.
ixTrend Professional ixTrend Professional records high-resolution medical data (e.g. ECG) from multiple Philips patient monitors simultaneously. The distributed set-up consists of at least one ixTrend Netserver and at least one ixTrend Client. The former acquires and stores the data, whereas the latter serves for visualizing, managing and exporting the data.
ixTrend SAPS II ixTrend SAPS II gives you SAPS II data points from previously recorded data. Based on the standard ixTrend functionality, ixTrend SAPS II computes SAPS II values for the vital parameters "Systolic blood pressure", "Heart rate" and "Body temperature" in a simple and straightforwrd process.
Dataplore Dataplore is ixellence' universal tool for data analysis. It facilitates the analysis of a wide range of signals and time series data.
ix3D Logo ix3D

ix3D is an optical measuring system that determines the dimensions of any object within seconds.


ixMAT Logo ixMAT ixMAT is ixellence's mobile phone scanner to analyse 2-D-Codes and bar codes.
ixGyro Logo ixGyro ixGyro is the first true-attitude indicating glass cockpit app for Android.
ixMeter icon ixMeter ixMeter reads counter readings automatically and stores them directly on the mobile device.