ixTrend: SAPS II computation + HL7 interface

June 2017

New features available for ixTrend Express: 

Coming, ixTrend can automatically derive SAPS II points from previously-recorded data. The Simplified Acute Physiology Score (SAPS) serves as an index for the physiological state of a patient.
But there is even more: in addition to the IntelliVue protocol, ixTrend soon supports the HL7 standard that is widely used for medical technology
If you want to learn more about ixTrend and its latest features, please read up about it here.

ix3D: Measuring small objects with ix3D

May 2017

Under the heading "Digitization", the optical measuring system ix3D was presented at the fair "transport logistic" from 09th to 12th May in Munich. Among renowned companies and innovative technologies, ix3D also proved its applicability in terms of the logistics sector. Measuring precisely and promptly while requiring practically zero maintenance, ix3D is suitable for many usage scenarios, especially for measuring cargo or packages.

While exhibiting on the collective booth managed by the cluster "Verkehr, Mobilität und Logistik in Berlin und Brandenburg", ideas were exchanged with other local entrepreneurs. Beyond that, many opportunities came along for delving deeper into the world of logistics and learning more about current trends.

ix3D: Measuring small objects with ix3D

February 2017

Special edition of ix3D: installation with 2 gauging heads, 1 processing computer and 1 display on a frame

The special edition of ix3D 2.0 proves to be a specialist for measuring small objects such as packages. Preconfigured and already finely calibrated, the system is immediately ready for use. After the automatically-triggered measuring, the integrated display shows the results in real time. 2 gauging heads, 1 processing computer and 1 display, mounted on a robust frame – all the advantages of ix3D joint in one installation, including the REST-API for industry 4.0 applications.

Read up about the optical measuring system ix3D and its applications!

ix3D: Measuring taken on a new dimension

August 2016

Having undergone a major upgrade, the latest version of the optical measuring system ix3D comes up with a slimmer design and an advanced performance. Twice as fast and twice as precise as its predecessor, ix3D 2.0 takes measuring on a new dimension. No matter if you are measuring small or large objects, the deviations always come below 2 centimeters. Depending on the installation height, they even remain in the millimeter range. Being run with a system consisting of two gauge heads, the whole process takes less than 2 seconds. This instance encompasses the data capture, its transmission as well as its processing by a high-performance computer.

Learn more about ix3D on our website or ask our service team for more information.

ixMeter: Reading meters automatically

August 2016

Our new Android application ixMeter reads the meter (electricity, water, gas, etc.) automatically. By means of the smartphone's camera, ixMeter determines the actual count und displays it as plain text on the screen. Along with a foto of the counter reading, the result is filed in the history.

Learn more about ixMeter and download the app at Google Play Store!

ixTrend: Newsletter 2016

July 2016

How to get even more out of ixTrend? Read up on it in our newsletter.

ix3D: Successful initial installation in Swiss Timber Company Balteschwiler AG

December 2015

ix3D is going to measure the cargo in Balteschwiler’s recently built logistics centre in Laufenburg, the company headquarters. Though the measuring system has already been integrated into the complete installation at the end of December 2015, the whole system won’t go into operation until mid-2016. Alongside ix3D the system also incorporates a scale and an operation terminal. These means gather the measurements and the weight of the cargo and transmit them to the internal data base. Using these data, the recently launched planning software optimizes the loading and tours of the transporters. By automatizing these internal processes, Balteschwiler aims at a later order deadline as well as faster and more efficient deliveries.

ixTrend: Version 2.1 now available

April 2015

You can now download the latest update for ixTrend to version 2.1. We have not just optimized already existing functions but also added some new features:

  • New marker view in tabular form
  • Signal view
  • View of numeric signals
  • Upgraded CSV-export options
  • Improved diagram functions
  • and much more…

Additionally ixTrend now supports Avalon FM fetal monitors und includes the latest driver for USB-RJ45. Read up about all the alterations in the detailed overview.

ixTrend 2.1 is a software which allows the user to gather, visualize and export the signals from patient monitors. The program runs on Windows (XP or higher) and Linux. Get more information about ixTrend and its functions on the product page or from our customer service.